A Southern Tradition

Being reared by strong southern women, I was taught how to make a house a home and a stranger a friend. The women in my life taught me that others come first, and it is counted as all joy to be able to celebrate and mourn with each other.


The name RUBY originated from four places.  First, my great grandmother was named Ruby. Our dog’s name is Coy, my great grandfather's name. Typically southern, the man gets the dog’s name and the woman gets the store.  Ruby had a classic sense of style that I have always incorporated into my home. She was President of the Garden Club for many, many years. Her yard and flowers were just as beautiful as her home.  I wear her large ruby ring that she wore everyday on my right hand. However, after she passed, we learned it was a Garnet. It makes me laugh to wonder if she knew it or not. Maybe Grandpa Coy was tricky.  


Secondly, since my mother passed, I wear her RUBY ring on my hand at all times. I feel she passed too soon.  But then again, I guess all children feel that way about their mothers. As you come in the store or see pictures online, you will notice her presence by her ring.


Thirdly, when feeling that God was calling me out of my teaching career and into the business world, I focused on Proverbs 31.  I was happy doing my thing in a place I loved, but GOd showed me it was time to move on and trust Him. So, I did. I pray daily that my husband and children, but most of all God, find the work of my hands more valuable than Rubies.


Lastly, well, that one is just between God and me. It’s a reminder of His love for me and how the Maker of the Universe knows me by name and values me.


I pray that RUBY will be a way for you to make your house a home and take care of those you live while still being a good steward of your money.  Oh, and a little silliness never hurt anyone.


Welcome to Ruby.

Ruby A Southern Tradition 2020