I started life as Angela Dawn Chaney and, God willing, I will finish it as Angela Sullins.  Steve and I have been married for over 25 years. We have two children. My oldest son, Jake lives in Springdale.  I am very proud of the man he is becoming. I often ask for his advice and then take it. He is married to a precious girl, Alyssa.  She balances him out. They gave us our first grand-dog, Sheriff.  My daughter and her husband live in Hawaii, where he is stationed in the Army. Haley and Eric gave us our first grandchild, Miss Kate, in January of 2020.  She is prefect in everyway. We have a dog named Coy.  Coy was the name of my great grandfather. I always said we would get a cat and name her Ruby. We got a cat. It Spent one night with us and then I came up with a new plan. No cat. I’ll open a business and call it RUBY.


As I began college, I studied business.  Then, in a small town in the state of Washington one summer, God changed my heart and gave me a passion and love for teaching.  I enjoyed those early years, until I had Jake. I realized that sometimes you have to stop in life and adjust for what is right for you and your family. I said I’d never be a stay at home mom. So, I quit teaching and stayed home for almost 10 years.  Years I will never regret. After Haley was in school for a few years, I decided I wanted to go back to work. I didn’t think I would ever teach again. Actually, I said I would never teach again. So, of course, before the current school year was over, I had a job teaching.  I taught for 13 more years before quitting to open RUBY. I didn’t retire. I was afraid to say I’d never teach again. If God asks me to do so, I will.  Since then, the Corona Virus happened and a week after RUBY celebrated her one year in business, I shut the doors for social distancing.  I told God that I would not have an online business.  Since you are reading this, I guess you can tell how that turned out.  I pray I will always be obedient to Him in faith.


RUBY is more than a gift and home decor store to me.  It’s a way to honor strong Southern women that weren’t perfect, but through their faith, loved  and served others. I hope to continue sharing their stories and spread a little bit of their wisdom in your life  You’ll see me in the store by the colors I use, the traditions I share, as well as the humorous sides of life that I like to laugh about.  


I hope you enjoy coming to Ruby’s.  I hope it makes your heart beat fast. I hope you can find ways to add meaning to your home. I hope you get ideas about how to love others. I hope you leave inspired and blessed.

Ruby A Southern Tradition 2020